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I am a fine arts and documentary photographer living and working in Westchester County, NY. As an artist, teacher and activist for social change, I have documented life conditions in areas of the world where popular struggles for survival, independence and self-determination are the day to day experience of ordinary people. Some of my work has been in Viet Nam, Central America, South Africa, Northern Ireland, the Middle East and the streets of the United States. In all cases my work considers people actively practicing the dissent part of social activism. My work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and institutions both nationally and globally.


My recent exhibit "African Palestinians of Jerusalem" Protea Gallery, San Diego, CA. With me are "Opening" guests Lisa Silvera, Doris Bittar (Gallery Director), Jim Rauch and Kendahl Radcliffe. All former students of mine. This photo and the occasion represents the three important trends of my life.

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